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If the name sounds familiar it should come as no surprise as John has been around for a "qualifying" number of years. "A wealth of experience here" as one critic observed. Having achieved a reputation from performing in all levels and facets of the comedy business and most importantly delivering the goods, whether it be golf days, corporate entertaining, sportsman's dinners, or after dinner speaking

History.... John Cassidy
Experience and diversity of performance, the capability to tailor the performance to the room comes from having enjoyed much success entertaining at virtually every kind of event in the UK and abroad from night clubs, cruises, cabaret, armed forces, hotel functions, charity events, golfing pro am's  etc. etc. In fact there is little that john has not been involved with in the comedy industry, along with some Tv appearances in either drama or commercials.  A seasoned entertainer; His involvement in after dinner performance has been on the increase for some time now and is ever popular in demand where "funny" is required a solution is available.