Woodford Nursery, Trinity Hall Kindergarten
Woodford nursery free for eligible 2, 3 & 4 year olds. 07958 789303
South Woodford Nursery preschool. Established over 40 years a safe and happy environment.
We aim to provide an enriching environment in which your child can enjoy and achieve their full potential.
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For info on nursery places call Manager:07958 789303, or 0208 508 5029 Now to Register!

Raising standards
Improving lives


Where we are

Trinity Hall Kindergarten. Pre-school Playgroup Nursery 
Holy Trinity Church, Hermon Hill, South Woodford E18       
Tel:07958 789303  Ofsted said we were a Good nursery in 2019        
Manager Mrs. M Cassidy 07958 789303  Call For Current availability    
Free places 2-3 and 4 olds                                                                   
Mon day to Fri day - Open 9.15 - 3 PM.
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    19th April 2021 to 16th July 2021
    Inset day 19th April 2021 (Nursery Closed)
    Bank Holiday 3rd May 2021
    Half Term 31st May 2021 to 4th June 2021
    Inset Day for reports 14th June 2021 (Nursery Closed)
    Autumn term
    6th September 2021 to 17th December 2021
    Inset Day Monday 6th September 2021 (Nursery Closed)
    Half term 25th October to 29th October 2021

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    Information Term Times 2021





    Nursery in Redbridge, Preschool education, more than a playgroup, an  OFSTED inspected Redbridge  licensed  kindergarten in Redbridge. ,South Woodford, E18. Children taken from out of area.


    Playgroup preschool nurseries in South Woodford, Redbridge Wanstead,  under 5's,


    Preschool, playgroups and day nurseries in Redbridge, Essex, Wanstead,

    (Playgroup in Woodford  
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  • (Preschool playgroup Woodford Tel: 0208 508 5029)
  • Redbridge family information service Trinity Hall http://parents.info/redbridge/Childcare?q=search&snac=00BC&kw=e18&postcode=&id=215
    Redbridge family information service

    Ofsted information on playgroup nurseries on the web http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Parents/Childcare/index.htm?cids=Google_PPC&cre=Parents
    More information from ofsted: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/Ofsted-home/Leading-to-excellence



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