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If you are thinking of renting an apartment in Spain, it can be a un nerving experience especially if you have young children to keep amused, as well as safe and entertained, all at the same time in somebody else's house for a week or two. We have a property in Sitio De Calahonda (Photo right) which is halfway between Fuengirola and Marbella on the fabulous Costa del Sol in Southern Spain and much of this blog contains information which is more or less local. However there are general items which should be of help to travellers going to Spain. I hope?  
I think a word about security is a worthwhile place to begin. Not that Spain is worse than anywhere else in the world, but tourists are always vulnerable and can be easy pickings, not speaking the language and being in a relaxed mood at the same time. Over the past 3 years or so Calahonda Village / Town, has enjoyed the benefits of a new security provider company called Franjus Seguridad  They now have security points at both ends of the town with a security guard on 24/7. On my last visit I have never felt more at ease. It feels that the scallywags have all gone missing. Despite this, one should always remain vigilant, especially in public places like airports, markets, not leaving valuables on display in the cafe. car, or on the beach. Common sense really.

Under this heading I would like to mention that from 2016 all rental property owners have to be registered for a license with the Andalucian Government. Once the license is issued, we have to provide certain standards to our clients within Junta guidelines and keep records of every one who stays there for the police information. Spain sees this as a major step towards anti terrorist activity and will benefit all holiday makers in the long run.

  COVID - 19
During our stay in July/August 2020  Speaking for myself, I felt safer over there than in the UK. Everyone obeys the mask rules almost without exception,  They must be worn when you are walking on the beach or street, but can be removed when you sit with your personal party. Also all the time in the airport and on the plane. The police and Guarda Civil are always vigilant and it is a comfort and only a little inconvenient. You can still enjoy your holiday

2 and half to 3 hour Flight from UK
Great beaches
Great euro rate
Cheap bars, restaurants
Great shopping, Malls & Markets
Spanish like us


It seems that virtually all the bars, cafe's and restaurants have installed free Wi-Fi, even supermarkets! It was dead easy to log on night or day to collect email, surf the web and you won't get Face book, or Twitter withdrawal, plus, you can enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple, or tapas at the same time! in one of the many welcoming bars and cafes on the local strip.
Internet and TV
The apartment boasts a superfast 100MB fibre optic Internet & Wi-Fi conection and these days most of the bars, golf clubs and restuarants have the free service, so you are never far away from getting on line.
We have a full Freeview UK TV service and a wall mounted 42" LG HD LED TV with integrated sound bar and sub woofer for virtual theatre surround sound and a bluetooth connection so you can play your personal music from your own devices.
Prices in the Costa
Even with recent fluctuations in exchange rates you still get excellent value for money eating out and at beach bars and restaurants, not to mention supermarket bargains. I got a bottle of extrodinarily good red (The Guv-nor) 2.50 eu's and a half kilo of big juicy cooked Med prawns 4.60 Eu's


As always great savings can be made on what you bring home. Tobacco and spirits offer great savings. As always check out your allowance and stay within the guidelines. There is a large allowance for tobacco, but is based on the fact it is for your personal use, so generally if you were the smoker, it would be unlikely you smoked, Golden Virginia roll up's, Marborough and Suprkings, so use common sense.    


It is quite amazing, I still see people lugging their suitcase on the scales at check in, this time the bloke in front of me had over 26 Kilos with a 20 K allowance. Off come the case and to one side he performed unpack repack, put extra clothes on daah de dahh, or if not possible go and pay an extra 16.00 whatever, or trying to force a big hand luggage into and out of the bag measure trough. The they complain about the hassle the crappy airline gave them. We have flown many times with Ryanair and Easyjet, both, I think recently are upping their game, more courteous and helpful this year, but look, it is so simple at the end of the day; Read the rules, check the bag weights and sizes. You can but a digital electric case weigher / scale on line for about 12 quid! AND take it with you to weigh the return bags before setting off for the airport. Rocket science it aint, aggravation it is!



Most providers in the UK are doing great free minutes deals which means a call home costs no more than a call to your mate in the UK now. Data can be varied, so check with your provider before you go. I'm with EE and get 1000 free minutes from anywhere in Europe to the UK including the USA and a couple of others. Thats calls TO the UK from there NOT FROM the UK to there!



Shopping on the Costa del Sol
Is a blast! The shopping malls are fantastico, the markets are alluring and there has been an upsurge in Chinese stores in the area, evidently Chinese have been coming from all over Spain to open stores in the Costa del sol. They sell everything from flip flops to light bulbs, tools, clothing and trainers, if you forgot your electric plug adaptor, or I phone lead, they got it! All for a euro or two. Fill your boots, you will spend a lot of time browsing these Aladdin's caves. The markets are on in different places most days and sell spices and fresh fruit & veg, toys, clothes, candy etc. They are colourful places and always well policed, so you can relax. The shopping malls have free parking and have every kind of shop you could wish for. In Calahonda they have a car boot, or flee market on the strip on a Sunday, fascinating! There is a proper market there on Thursdays. There are also night markets nearby in Riviera and La Cala with food stalls entertainment and many unusual stalls. This makes a lovely evening for the family. Take a half empty suicase if you like bargains!

We have 3 sets of clubs in the apartment for your use, all right handed 1 Lynx steel and 1 Lynx carbon and 1 set of Calloway carbon, saves you paying to fly yours out! Our apartment overlooks the 9th tee of the La Siesta Golf Club. All par 3's from the apartment to the clubhouse is about a 5 wood. It has a great restaurant, bar and balcony with a view down the 9th. all the way to the sea.
In the local area it is wall to wall golf with premier quality courses, giving fantastic cheap deals in summer for 2 with a buggy, all within 5 to 25 minutes drive. Check prices before you go and you can book on line in many cases before you leave the UK, or home. Check out here
When I arrive in Spain my first port of call is the supermarket, for crusty baguettes, fresh prawns, mussels and clams, onions and red peppers the size of rugby balls, mayonaise, garlic and parsley to make ali-oli and some plonk Rioja for about 3 quid or so a bottle (remember in the UK it would cost nearer 6) I do the cooking for her Majesty and it's out on the terrace for supper in the sunshine
With the produce in the supermarkets being of great quality,many varieties of wonderful fresh fish, steaks, chops, Spanish sausages available, dining in is a must!  
We have lost our communal rubbish facility at the top of the drive due to recent moves all over Spain, to be more environmentally minded and dispose of glass, paper, plastic etc. separately. Whilst no so convenient we can't blame the Government for making this greener move. Now each community has a site on the side of the road where the paladin's are placed and we are asked to separate our waste. They are only a few yards further on and we found it was not a problem, nor overly inconvenient.
A lot of us get cold sores break out on our lips when exposed to the sun. In the UK we pay about 7.00 for a tiny tube of Zovirax. In the Pharmacia (chemists) in Spain it's about 3 or 4 euros! A lot of medications can be bought over the counter in Spain at the chemist, so make this your first port of call if you know what you need. Much cheaper than the UK for most medications!
What is a chiringuito? I hear you asking. They are bar / restaurants built on the beach and on the Costa del Sol there is one about every quarter of a mile or less along the coast, so you are never far away from one when you are on the beach. The staff speak decent English and many are open from about 1.00 pm till late night, so lunch or dinner is often a choice. I like a late lunch into dinner so I can watch the lights of the town come on, down the coastline with the sea lapping up alongside. Serving fresh fish and seafood from the wood barbecue, often from their own boats with warm crusty bread and a nice bottle of wine and the bill will not kill! Make this a feature of your holiday in Spain! Have a look here


Story so far
By spring in 2017 the community had renovated all the pools on the site adding good showering facilities and a toilet block for each pool, so no running back to the apartment for a pee. Planting seed grass round the pools rather than turf they were all ready for the start of the summer and as usual, all chrystal clear and inviting in their environment of beautiful gardens. We celebrated by replacing the well used leather sofas with two new comfy, smart new ones.
And ready to go for a dip

Elliot Wrights new restuarant and night club, Olivias was recently opened in La Cala, about 10 minutes away by cab. As seen on TV. This opulent night spot is open for lunch, dinner or just a few drinks overlooking the beach. Most nights Elliot and Sadie are around and often accompanied by some TOWIE faces. With an excellent menu, it is one for your list of places to visit and a special night out! Live entertainment in the evenings is usual with some great singing acts, and Arge occasionally. We try to get one night there every visit







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